Art 451 Ideas

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Ideas for myself:

I am a physics major and this is my thesis that I am writing right now. I’d love to incorporate the animations I make for my thesis into an exhibit. I want to have several projectors shooting onto a little room out of sheets/projector screens, with speakers in the “room.” I would project animations of blackholes, etc. and have people experience the exhibit by standing in the 3d room with animations/sound effects/maybe narration all around them.

Here is a diagram.

Here  and here are some examples of an animation I am sort of shooting for.


Ideas for the Class:

  • A concert? – We have a lot of musicians. Could do art to go with the show.
  • An exhibit with lots of projectors to go with my idea above.
  • An exhibit in an alleyway or a park. (We did something like this in Art 404)
  • An educational exhibit that we could try and show in the art or kids museum.